So, anyway…

I’m at the bookstore yesterday, searching for a title I read about in Harper’s magazine.  Couldn’t really remember the title and, naturally, forgot my glasses, so it was close-up, heavy-concentrating sort of work, when an older guy in shorts and a ratty, sweaty tee-shirt comes into “my” aisle.  I didn’t think it was possible for a human being to emit so many bodily noises while just standing in one spot.   He sighed dramatically, breathed like there was a premium on oxygen at Barnes and Noble, and had to verify he wasn’t finding what he wanted by saying “no” under his breath to each title he rejected.  I was getting really cranky and thinking “doesn’t he know you have to be quiet in a bookstore?”  Then it dawned on me that I was confusing the retail environment where there is no requirement for silence with the library.   Bummer!  I couldn’t even feel annoyed with any justification.  Still, you’d think just common courtesy…

Speaking of heavy breathers, pictures of Milt and Tiny Milt attached.

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