Atticus Finch for President!!

What this country needs is a well-written, beloved fictional character to restore our sense of honor, decency and humanity. I nominate Atticus Finch, the hero of To Kill a Mockingbird and the man who, unintentionally, formed my impossibly unrealistic standards for the ideal man back when we were first introduced in junior high English class.  The main roadblocks to his acceptance of this nomination are his innate humility and, of course, the fact that he does not exist.

Hallelujah!  It appears that fate has provided us with a surrogate!  The Florida Bar Foundation has awarded its Medal of Honor to 66 year-old attorney Hamilton Cooke for “Atticus Finch-like” work.  This is the highest individual honor given by the Florida Bar. It’s about time Mr. Finch’s work was recognized–even by proxy!  Congrats to Mr. Cooke for this well-deserved accolade.  He will no doubt be contacted by campaign managers of the “Atticus Finch for President” movement, headquartered in cyberspace on a Facebook page.

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