Engineers + Cats=Fuzzy Logic

So it appears that Big Fat Milt is not obese after all.  He just has a low aspect ratio and a large internal volume!  This

takes a huge internal volume off my mind.  The term ‘obese’ carries such negative connotations, I always feel like I am

assassinating Milt’s character when I use it in reference to him.  Attempting to distinguish between Milt and Milt’s obesity makes for awkward conversation. “Milty?  Oh yes, he’s obese.  But he’s really, really responsible” or “Yes, Milty is technically

obese in this country, but if he was a Sumo cat in Asia…”  Now I can re-frame the discussion: “Milty?  Oh yes, he’s slightly less aerodynamic than the average cat” or “Milty works very hard to maintain his superior internal volume.”

I’m happy to report that we already employ some of the suggestions in this video for discipline only we call it “enforced snuggling” instead of “corporal cuddling.” In cat reality, this form of discipline is extremely severe, so we only use it for the most serious infractions.  Or when we are feeling particularly lonely.

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