Louisiana State Senator First Dem to Win Coveted Wonkette ‘Legislative Shitmuffin of the Year’ Nom

Nominees for Wonkette’s ‘Legislative Shitmuffin of the Year’ distinguish themselves by sponsoring, supporting or introducing legislation that it so idiotic, egregious and contrary to the common good that it defies human decency.  Not surprisingly, the competition is fierce between the more far-right elements of our body politic. However, with the recent efforts of one Elbert Guillory (D ,some hellhole in LA) to squash the repeal of an education bill that allows teachers to ‘supplement’ science material with pretty much whatever they want, the left is making a strong showing this year. Rep Guillory’s rationale for pushing magical thinking-based science education? He was correctly diagnosed by a witchdoctor/voodoo practitioner (for reals–could it be his diagnosis was Gullibility about Disorders Disorder?) so, ipso facto, post hoc ergo propter hoc, all forms of belief system are equally valid, QED.

So many strong nominees this year!  Not sure when Wonkette will be naming the winners, but they may want to consider establishing  categories (just like the Oscar’s!) for local, state and federal shitmuffinery to accommodate all the talent.


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