You Know All the Concerns People Had About Appointing An Anti-Science Creationist Nincompoop to Chair the House Science Committee?

It appears they were well-founded.

Lamar Smith (aforementioned nincompoop), appointed to chair the House of Representatives Science Committee by the Reddish Weepy One, is doing all in his power to drag the nation down to his Texas-sized level of scientific illiteracy. In typical form, his first outrageous act was to propose massive funding cuts to the NSF.  This extra-legislative tactic is, sadly, all too effective and operates on the following principle: If you can’t kill something outright, you can slowly starve it to death by denying funding (see also ‘flat’ funding for NIH for the past decade).

Having received some serious pushback for his direct assault on the nation’s scientific literacy, Smith came up with an EVEN BETTER way to obstruct the progress of science–have Congress included in the ‘peer’ review process of any paper resulting from work financed by a government grant. You heard that right. Mr. Smith (grad-ew-ate of The Episcopal School of Texas, Southern Baptist University and, in fairness, also Yale where he learnt bizness, financin’ and lawyerin’) believes himself to be a scientific ‘peer’ capable of determining the validity, veracity and integrity of scientific papers.

Since very few people use the terms ‘validity, veracity, integrity,’ and ‘Congress’ in the same sentence, it is hard to imagine how Mr. Smith thought he could sell this particular gem.  There is a certain Chutzpah-ish brilliance in it, however.


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